About Me

Self Portrait

I love type. I’ve been known to spend several minutes admiring the typography on a menu only to be interrupted by a waiter inquiring about my order, which I haven’t yet pondered. Instead I’m often busy taking photos of said menu, a symptom of my zeal for photography, a favorite hobby. I’m enthralled with the exciting challenge of capturing light in intriguing and attractive compositions. I have worked for over 25 years pairing those two interests; taking images and type and arranging them in useful compositions. My goal with my graphic design work is always to create designs that don’t just look beautiful but communicate their message clearly and effectively.

I’m passionate about collecting and listening to music. I’ve got some fairly diverse interests, spanning everything from David Guetta to U2 and Taylor Swift to Demon Hunter. I’m also passionate about collecting and watching movies. I’ve been fascinated by moving pictures since I was a kid making home movies and stop-motion animation videos, and that interest has only grown with age. I have discovered that merging my love of movies and music has given me a flair for video editing. While I enjoy doing many aspects of video production, I find that the edit is where I really come alive. I love finding the right shots to tell the best story, selecting the right soundtrack to fit the film, and perfecting the rhythm of the edit frame by frame.

I’m also a technology nerd. I get passionately opinionated over terms like interpolation, bitrate, color separations and frame rates. My curious desire to understand how everything works means I often spend my free time learning about things like image sensors and compression algorithms.

So that’s me. I’m a nerdy typographer, photographer, music and movie lover, and as a result a passionate graphic designer and video editor.