Auction Fundraisers

The annual auction fundraiser is a big event at Hungry For Life International. The non-profit organization uses these events to raise a large portion of their operational funding for the following year. Each event is themed and while I was employed at Hungry For Life I had the opportunity to create a fun new look and feel for each year.

The theme in 2011 was a cooking show hosted by Julia Child, so I designed the front the invite postcard to look like the cover of her classic cooking book, with the reverse side looking like an interior page. My favourite details are the recipe-flavoured copy I wrote for the back of the invite and the little Hungry For Life icons that I put in place of the fleur-de-lis that are on Julia Child’s book cover.

2012’s theme was an international safari, so for those invites I went with a zebra pattern on a canvas texture and some retro-looking typography on a tag that looks like it came off an old suitcase.

The theme for the tenth anniversary of the organization in 2013 was a masquerade ball. For this theme I made a hand-drawn logotype in the shape of a masquerade mask and then traced it in Illustrator.

I loved creating these auction graphics as each year was an exciting challenge and chance to stretch my design skills. It was also fun to create a mini brand look surrounding each event, where I could choose the fonts, colours, textures and images that I would carry throughout each theme.