Hungry For Life

While employed at Hungry For Life, my task was to handle all of the visual design for the organization. When I arrived, they had a decent logo, but no professionally designed materials to go with it. I was given the reins to overhaul all the visuals of the brand.

I started with the logo, which had a great concept but I didn’t care for the execution and typography. We wanted the brand to have a more human feel to it, and the perfectly rounded logo and Helvetica type felt too cold and corporate feeling. I re-drew the icon and paired it with a fitting typeface. I then created the rest of the branding to go with it, choosing an appropriate typeface (which I customized slightly to work better with certain documents), applying a consistent use of blue, and creating an iconic “swoosh cut” that was applied to the tops of photos, the edges of background boxes and the custom die-cuts of presentation folders.

One of my favorite details from my work for Hungry For Life was the spot varnish on the front of the “a world transformed” brochure which made the rest of the vision statement visible in certain lighting. I also really enjoyed creating custom die-cuts for the presentation folders, including swoosh-cut pockets for holding the DVD-sized promotional pieces. We also got a great response from the graphs I created to show the growth of the organization, which was depicted in icons instead of bars or lines, communicating in a more impactful way how many lives had been affected by the work of the organization.