Infiniti Electro-Optics is a manufacturer of high-end surveillance imaging cameras. With product price tags that can reach six figures and massive clients like the US Army and some of the world’s top defence contractors, they needed a new brand look that felt strong and reputable.

I wanted the logo to feel right at home in industrial or military situations, and of course it needed to feel secure, reliable and high-end. The icon is an infinity symbol made up of the letters E and O, so the icon literally reads “Infinity EO” to represent Infiniti Electro-Optics. The precise angular look provided the military feel I wanted and matching the icon to Hoefler & Co.’s high-end Gotham typeface completed the high-end professional image.

I also worked on other elements of the brand. I created professional images of some a number of the cameras, altering the backgrounds and lens reflections of studio photographs to appear to be in desert and marine situations. I also directed the construction of a new website that positions the company as an industry-leading expert in the advanced technologies used in these types of surveillance systems.