Kakamega 2013

When I edit a video, I’m looking to create something that will tug at people’s hearts and emotions in some way, whether it’s fascination, compassion, excitement or inspiration. When I travelled to Kenya in 2013 with 11 other Canadians, we were immensely impacted by both the poverty and the joy of the people, and my job was to bring that impact home to our friends and family that would watch the video.

I really love music and sound, and I try to spend a lot of time focusing on those things in my edits. My favorite part of this video was working on the audio for the intro. I hadn’t worked much with background audio and ambient environment sounds before this, and we were trying out a new audio recorder for these interviews that did a good job of balancing the environment sounds with the dialogue. The intro wasn’t quite having the impact I wanted until I started layering some of the audio tracks, and then things really came together.

I also designed the Kakamega 2013 logo which was created prior to the trip for use in materials promoting it to potential team members and financial supporters.