Kimi’s Story

In 2004 I lived in Uganda, Africa for 4 months working for a non-profit organization. While in Uganda, I found out about a filmmaking contest to tell the story of someone doing something good for the world. The challenge was to use only one camera and one main shoot day to tell the story of one main character.

I chose to tell the story of Kimi and why she moved to Uganda to do what she does, since she has had such an eventful journey getting to this point in her life, but her love for the kids in her program and the people of Uganda keeps her going.

Not everything went as planned on the day of the shoot, so I didn’t get as much b-roll as I was hoping to, but I was still determined to finish the project within the rules. Since one of the rules of the contest was that submissions had to be under five minutes long, so the most challenging aspect of this project became editing down one hour of interview footage into a single five minute story.