Shekinah Band CD/DVD

I’ve worked a lot with Shekinah Band. I have run video displays for them, designed event posters for them, and even travelled to Africa with them. I love it when my love of music and my love of design meet, so when they decided to produce an album, it was a dream come true to design the packaging (and produce all of the videos) for “What You Do With What You Know.”

Since they were an unknown band, we wanted the cover art to appeal to fans of popular worship music at the time, so we went with a colorful collage design, which was popular among those types of albums. We wanted to show the relationship between worshipping with music and worshipping by helping the poor, which we illustrated by combining images of the band playing in Canada and photos from their trip to Africa. I had taken hundreds of photos of the band both in Canada and on their Africa trip, and it was a privilege to be able to showcase them here.

One of my favorite aspects of this project was being able to use a spot white ink on the disc designs so that the metallic surface of the disc showed through parts of the artwork selectively. Other favorite details were the subtle layered transparency of the band’s logo (which I also designed), and hiding each of the band member’s fingerprints in the textures of the collage.