The Shekinah Story

I’ve always dreamed of creating a full-length feature film or documentary. In 2011 I got my first taste of that dream when I was given the opportunity to create a 30-minute documentary for a band’s CD/DVD release. They wanted to show the unique story about how they started not with a desire to write and record music, but simply with a desire to ignite the passions of the church, which ended up taking them on a journey from a monthly public gathering, to a children’s home in Africa, and eventually into the studio to record an album.

I directed, recorded and edited all of the aspects of this documentary myself and absolutely loved working on this project, especially shooting in the studio. When I create things, and especially when I edit video, I take pride in paying attention to the small details. One of my favourite details about this project is that all of the shots of the band playing in part four of the documentary are actually in sync with the background music track. I’ve noticed that rarely happens in music documentaries, so I was proud to be able to make it work for this one.

Shown here is the trailer for the documentary. The full documentary is no longer available online, but a digital copy can be sent upon request.